About us

Community Ambulance (previously known as Mid Georgia Ambulance) began serving the citizens of Georgia nearly four decades ago. Founded in Macon, Community Ambulance now provides services in six counties across the state. Employing over 250 EMS professionals, Community Ambulance provides emergency medical transport services, non-emergency transport services, neo-natal transport, special event coverage and community CPR training.

Who We Are

Community Ambulance offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for eager and talented job seekers who are interested in saving lives on a daily basis.


For decades, Community Ambulance has been a leader in EMS. Unlike many emergency services, Community Ambulance is centrally dispatched. Our Central Medical Emergency Dispatch (CMED) center in Macon houses the technology and the staff to respond to emergencies all over the state of Georgia. Our Dispatchers are trained through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatchers and are trained to use the Emergency Medical Dispatch, or "EMD" pre-arrival instructions. The EMD system allows dispatchers to begin assessing each patient over the phone, while dispatching an ambulance to the scene of the call. Community Ambulance allows no lapse in care for our patients. Each patient is cared for from the time they reach our dispatch center, until the time our medics release them to a receiving facility or hospital.

Clinical Excellence  

As the first EMS provider in the state of Georgia to achieve both ACE and CAAS accreditations, Community Ambulance stands among the top agencies in the nation. Community Ambulance has also received the American Heart Association's Mission: Lifeline EMS GOLD Award which demonstrates adherence to clinical guidelines to support better outcomes for all cardiac patients. Click HERE to learn more about Mission: Lifeline and our commitment to quality cardiac care.



Our Coverage Area

Serving 6 counties throughout the state

Macon Division: Bibb County, Crawford County
Zebulon Division: Lamar County, Upson County
Columbus Division: Muscogee County, Chattahoochee County